Development & Environmental Services

The mission of this department is to ensure that all construction, development and redevelopment on Pensacola Beach are consistent with applicable local, state and federal regulations. The department oversees: Development Plan Review Customer Service Administration of the National Flood Insurance Program Environmental Programs Administrative Management of Engineering activities Emergency Preparedness 1988 Pensacola Beach Land Use Plan Disaster Recovery and Mitigation The Environmental and Developmental Services Department is ready to help you carry out your building ideas. We recommend that you contact us before you begin to make improvements or changes. We can help you with the regulations and codes that must be followed and assist you in working with other governmental agencies who may also have jurisdiction over your project.

The lease structure requires review and or approval from the Santa Rosa Island Authority for all improvements to leasehold property. For permitting purposes, you will need to submit a completed SRIA construction application (Residential or Commercial) and pay the associated fee (cash or check currently) to the SRIA office located at 1 Via de Luna, Pensacola Beach, FL, between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm., Monday-Friday.