Construction Rules

There are construction regulations to protect you and your neighbor.

Here is some basic guidance:

  • Contact Developmental Services at 850.932.2257 before you build or improve your structure, or alter the grade of your lot.
  • Berms and other barriers that divert water onto other properties are prohibited. Play it safe and don’t move dirt or sand without a permit.
  • Call Developmental Services, 850.932.2257, if you see construction or filling without a permit. An unpermitted project may increase your exposure to wind or flood damage.

Our floodplain regulations are in the Florida Building Code. We have some special requirements that are listed on Escambia County Development Services. There are different rules for construction projects seaward of various lines that are based on a coastal erosion threat. More detailed information on floodplain construction rules are found in these references. Note, though, that Pensacola Beach has some requirements that are more restrictive than these national guidelines.